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Have you considered an Apprenticeship? Earn and learn!

Whether you have never considered it as a route or whether it's been something you've thought about for some time, now is a good time to come and talk to us about Apprenticeships.  More employers take on Apprentices in September than at any other time of the year in areas as diverse as Engineering, Plumbing, Hairdressing, Creative and Digital Media, Professional Cookery, Health and Social Care.  If you have an employer then we can talk to both of you about moving onto an Apprenticeship,  or we can talk to you about vacancies that are currently being advertised and help you to apply.

More and more young people are choosing an Apprenticeship as an alternative to Higher Education. Both have their strengths, of course, but if you are unsure about undertaking a degree this could be a really valid alternative that progresses your learning, trains you directly for employment - and allows you to earn a wage as you're doing it!

Apprenticeships mean you can further your career and earn a wage at the same time. You will gain a nationally recognised qualification whilst learning industry specific skills in the work place. Apprenticeships are increasingly recognised in industry as the standard for work-based learning and you'd be joining many thousands of young people in Norfolk who have chosen this route to reach their goals.

Studying an Apprenticeship at City College Norwich gives you access to excellent facilities, equipment, and tutors, as well as access to all the aspects of student life at the college.

Getting started

  1. Have a look at the Apprenticeships we offer, and find a framework that you would like to pursue a career in.
  2. Search for current Apprenticeship vacancies.
  3. If you find a vacancy that appeals to you then scroll to the end of the details and click 'Apply direct to City College Norwich' to be taken through the application process
  4. If you do not find a vacancy that you wish to apply for, or if you need assistance with the application process, please contact our Apprenticeship recruitment officer on (01603) 773387.
  5. After a vacancy has closed, the employer will let you know whether your application has been successful and may invite you to an interview. We will always be available for any further questions, and can help you prepare for an interview.