What is an Apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship consists of a package of qualifications commonly referred to as a framework. Every Apprenticeship is made up of the following:

Competence Qualification

This part of the qualification demonstrates competence in performing the skill, trade or occupation.

Knowledge Qualification

This part of the qualification demonstrates the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of the occupation/trade/skill.

Functional Skills

What are the benefits?

  • Apprenticeships give vital ‘hands-on’ practical experience to young people looking to pursue a career in a specific industry.
  • Apprentices are employed and earn a salary. This means no student debt and no fees to pay.
  • The minimum wage for apprentices is £3.50 per hour. Many employers prefer to pay more however, and research shows that the average salary is approximately £170 per week*.
  • Apprentices are provided with the standard benefits that come with most other jobs, such as paid annual leave and bank holidays (unless the role specifically requires work on these days).
  • Apprenticeships are nationally-recognised qualifications that are valued by employers and universities.

How do they compare?

It’s important to know how Apprenticeships compare with other qualifications that are available to your child. The table below shows how the Apprenticeships we offer fit in with other qualifications.

Jargon explained

The world of Apprenticeships is littered with phrases and terminology but what does it all mean? To help get you through this minefield, we’ve put explained some of the jargon commonly used to make things clearer.

I am a parent looking for information about Apprenticeships

It’s important that the choices your child makes once they leave school are the right ones.  As the key decision maker in your child’s life, the best way is to make sure they’re well informed about all the options open to them.  One of these options is an Apprenticeship.

Put simply, an Apprenticeship is a job with training. An apprentice is employed in a specific job role but receives training to help them develop the specialist skills and knowledge required to perform their role to a high standard.
Apprenticeships are available at three levels:

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