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Cashless Campus

What is Cashless Campus?

City College Norwich has introduced a cashless payment system as an alternative to cash payments. The system enables staff and students to use their City College Norwich ID card for Catering, Free College Meals (if applicable) and Printing/Photocopying where students have formerly needed to use cash.

This system provides a convenient way for students to pay for services on site through the use of pre-pay online cards. It also removes any risk from carrying cash on campus where monies could get lost. .

Parents and students can pre-pay into an online account for food and drink and print/photocopying costs at the College using the secure payment portal Wisepay and their own credit or debit card.

To set up your account please follow the link on the Cashless Campus page on Blackboard.


Frequently asked questions

How are students recognised by the system?
Students will be provided with a photo ID card during enrolment which can be used for the cashless system once registered with Wisepay.

Where can I use the cashless payment system?
Payments can be made at the College Food outlets such as Debut restaurant/Café, Caterlink, Platform Café and Starbucks as well as printing and photocopying on the Ipswich Road Campus, Norfolk House and St Andrews House.

How are the cards topped-up?
Cards can be topped-up online using a debit or credit with the Wisepay system. Should you not hold a debit or credit card you can still top up your printing allowance by cash. Please visit the Finance Department in the Wroxham building (F201).

Is there a limit that can be spent?
Individual catering transactions should be no more than £15 and there is no lower limit.
There is no limit for printing or photocopying.

What about students entitled to a ‘Free College meal’?
Student who are registered for a Free College meal will be credited £2.41 on a daily basis. Debut Café and Caterlink provide a daily ‘Meal Deal’ for this amount.

To ensure you are registered for a Free College meal, you will need to fill out an application form for Free College Meals which you can pick up from the Advice Shop at College. For further information, advice, please talk to our Student Services team either in person at the Advice Shop or call 01603 773 773.

Who do I contact if I need help?
Please visit the Advice Shop who will be able to assist you.