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College Corporation

The governing body of the College is known as the City College Norwich Corporation. The Corporation of the College is an independent legal body which comprises up to seventeen members who are drawn mainly from business and the local community as well as from the staff and students at the College. Governors are appointed by Transforming Education in Norfolk TEN, which is the parent undertaking of the Corporation. Additionally, the Principal serves as a Governor, whilst the staff and student governors are elected by their respective bodies. Our current Governors are listed on this page.

The role of the Corporation is to set the strategic direction and framework within which the College operates, monitor results, and support the College to provide a high quality and effective learning experience for everyone who attends the College. The Corporation, which is not directly involved in the day-to-day management of the College, has six principal responsibilities:

  • to determine the educational mission and character of the College;
  • to approve the quality strategy;
  • to be satisfied as to the effective and efficient use of resources;
  • to approve the annual budget;
  • to appoint the Principal and determine their pay and conditions;
  • to set the  framework for pay and conditions of service for all other staff.

The full Corporation meets twice a term but much important work is carried out by its committees, which comprise of up to six members and meet at least once a term. The committees for the 2016-17 academic year are:

  • Audit and Risk Committee (Once a term)
  • Business Committee (Twice a term)
  • Curriculum and Standards Committee (Twice a term)

The College publishes approved minutes of the Corporation and its committees, along with other documents on the Corporation documentation page.

Contact details:
The Clerk to the Corporation is Clare Johnson, who can be contacted on (01603) 773188 or by email Clare.Johnson@ccn.ac.uk