A Touch of Patisserie and Confectionery

If you have a passion for bakery and already have a flair for working with sugar and chocolate this course will increase your competency!

Bicycle Maintenance - Beginners

Get the skills and understanding to service your bike and carry out trailside repairs.

Bicycle Maintenance - Intermediate

This follows on from the beginners course and helps build upon existing cycle maintenance skills.

Cook Club Sugar Craft

Learn how to create traditional and contemporary sugar craft flowers which are the perfect finish for a celebration cake or table decoration

Cookery on a Budget

This course is designed to teach some foundation cookery skills.

Creative Art Summer School

Would you like to turn your favourite photograph into a drawn or painted ‘Masterpiece’?

Creative Writing Summer School

Starting to Write Prose Fiction and Poetry which creates a ‘sense of place’.

DIY Plumbing

Learn and develop the skills needed to carry out basic plumbing and repair tasks.

Experimental drawing

This is an opportunity to explore and develop drawing skills, experiment with various materials and build confidence with mark making.

Gastro Master Chef

Covers a range of culinary preparation and cooking skills, to produce quality foods that not only taste gorgeous, but also look gorgeous.

General DIY

Is your home in need of a facelift but you lack the know how? This course will teach you the basic DIY skills to help get you started.....

Gluten Free Master Class

Get creative in the kitchen and gain the skills and knowledge needed to produce a wide range of gluten free dishes and recipes.

Great British Bake-off

For adults who want to explore the popular award-winning British television baking competition, The Great British Bake off.