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Level 2 Diploma in Performing Music

This course offers an exciting and ideal starting point if you want to pursue a career in music.
Course description: 

To enjoy and gain a lot from this course you do not have to be a proficient musician,  versed in music theory, or have an expertise in a chosen instrument, but what you do need to be is passionate about music.

As soon as you join the team you can expect to be treated as performing musicians, not students. You will have your musical horizons challenged, and will need to be eager to progress with your playing, your understanding of music theory, and your willingness to understand the nature of the music business.

With an emphasis on various forms of popular and contemporary music, the course will focus on the practical and the theoretical.  Across the units you will begin to explore music theory, the workings of the music industry as a business and as a cultural force in modern society, and,  of course, get a lot of opportunity to play.

Expect to have your standard of musicianship raised considerably.  Expect also to learn a lot about working with other people, particularly within a band context.  Right from the start you will be treated like a young professional musician, with gigs at venues such as Platform Theatre, and rehearsals in recording studios within our new Creative Arts Building – as well as in the College’s purpose built recording, rehearsal and technology studios. To view recent productions and gigs check Platform YouTube

There are a number of key visits during the year.  These change each year, but for now the main thing to consider is that you will need to see a lot of live music.

You are likely to:

  • Plan, create and lead performances in live gigs, concerts or theatre productions
  • Participate in recording sessions
  • Prepare for and attend rehearsals
  • Perform solo as well as collaborating with other musicians
  • Set up equipment and perform sound checks
  • Learn new music to extend repertoire
  • Play music from memory or score
  • Apply music theory and analysis to compositions
  • Use music technology in sequencing, arranging and song writing
Entry requirements: 

Applicants should have four GCSEs at grades A* - D, or equivalent, and also attend a short interview/audition.  The audition will be essential.  As well as an opportunity to show what you can do, given a short musical task, it is a chance to have a look around and meet your potential future staff.


This course will give you the opportunities to gain all the skills you need to progress on to the UAL Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Music, and beyond. With an emphasis on various forms of popular and contemporary music, the course will focus on practical and theoretical study.


Assessment is on-going throughout the course and requires you to complete projects and assignments based on realistic workplace situations, activities and demands.  Assessment activities that you may undertake include participating in practical workshops, rehearsals, performances, coursework, research, keeping journals, writing essays, giving presentations, discussing and evaluating work.

Academic progression: 

After successfully completing this course you can progress onto the UAL Level 3 Diploma in Music.

Career progression: 

Completion of this course offers an ideal starting point if you want to pursue a career in music.

This is a Level 2 course:
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Course: Performing and Creative Arts
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Start date: 
Thursday, 3 September 2015
One year
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