International Students


International students from all over the world have been coming to City College Norwich to study for over 30 years. City College Norwich is known for its friendly atmosphere and its supportive staff, and is perfect for students who appreciate smaller classes and a more personal tuition approach. Alongside excellent teaching and great support, and the opportunity for work during your studies, you will interact with a mix of people from those who were born in Norfolk and have never ventured further afield, to those who have travelled the world and are now settled here.

We have a dedicated International Adviser, who can help with your choice of course, application and immigration procedures.  Whilst here in Norwich and studying at City College Norwich, the IA will take an interest in your welfare, helping with course progression,  visa renewals, fees and other financial matters, and any personal issues.

The International Adviser must make sure that Tier 4 students comply with the immigration rules and must report to the Home Office if certain conditions are not met. If the College does not inform the Home Office of something that it should, it could lose its license to sponsor Tier 4 students.

The International Adviser is available on Monday - Friday 8.30-17.00 to guide you through the process of becoming an international student at City College. If you or a relative are already living in Norfolk, it is recommended that you make an appointment to see the International Adviser who will advise you on the academic and immigration procedures for international students at City College.   The International Adviser can be contacted at The Advice Shop, City College Norwich, Ipswich Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR2 2LJ, tel ++44 (o)1603 773483 or email

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"First of all what amazes me is the environment of study in City College. I am studying B.A (Hons) in business management and I find all the teachers very attentive and friendly. The size of the class is relatively small and as an international student I get all the information from my international student adviser. The tuition fees are relatively low compared to the other universities. It is a great college to study."

Mustafizur Rahman