Office 365

Moving to Office 365 Website

Your email account is moving to Office 365, use this website to help prepare for your move to the TEN Group new email, calendar, online storage and collaboration system.  Included here are:


How do I log in?

Visit or use the “Email” link on the college website

How do I reset my O365 account password?

Faculty, students, and staff should change their password when logged in to a computer at work or college.  Press CTRL ALT DEL and follow the instructions.  This will also change your O365 password. (This may take up to 3 minutes)

Will my email address change after the migration?

No, you will keep your existing email address.

Will my password be different for Office 365?

No, you will log in using your City College login credentials ( and your password)

Will my Outlook rules still work after being migrated to Office 365?

Your rules will be migrated to Office 365.  There may be some rules that display an error in Outlook after the migration.  This is usually caused by a missing message or folder referenced in the rule. 

See Backup and Restore Outlook Customisations for Import \ Export of Outlook Rules or contact the Help Desk if you would like assistance.

I check my mail using my phone or tablet. Will that work with O365?

Yes, but first you will need to reconfigure your device so it can connect to your mailbox in its new location. You can change the server to or simply remove the account and recreate it, the settings will be automatically configured for you.

What is Clutter?

Clutter moves your low priority messages out of your Inbox so you can easily scan for important messages. Clutter analyses your email habits, and based on your past behaviour, it determines the messages that you’re most likely to ignore. It then moves those messages to a folder called Clutter, where you can review them later. Clutter is switched on by default, for more information please see this guide.