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Proud to be a Gazelle College

City College Norwich is on an exciting journey towards becoming an entrepreneurial college. Together with twenty other colleges, as part of the Gazelle Colleges Group, City College Norwich has been thinking about the skills and capabilities needed to succeed in a new and rapidly changing world of work. The college has realised that educating and training students for a narrow range of job opportunities, based on what is called the ‘industrial’ model’; deigned for a previous time when colleges needed to train large numbers of students to meet the needs of large local employers, is a model that no longer works.The job market is extremely competitive with potential employment coming from smaller and more varied companies. These companies need to be creative, innovative and resilient to succeed—and so do you. Companies are competing in a global economy and need to be immersed in the world of networking and collaboration, exploiting social media and communication technologies.

This ‘changing landscape’ for further education and work is described in ‘Enterprising Futures’, a paper published by the Gazelle Colleges Group as an argument for changing the way they prepare you for your personal, social and working lives (you can download a copy of this document at the foot of this page).

This entrepreneurial culture is introduced into the college through a flexible learning curriculum which includes real work experience, open learning environments, the latest technologies that aid learning, attendance of entrepreneurial events, and working with and learning from business mentors, the Gazelle Entrepreneurs.

What is Gazelle?

The Gazelle Colleges Group was created in 2011 by five founder colleges, including City College Norwich.

The Gazelle Colleges Group is transforming further education by developing new learning models focused on providing students with commercial, entrepreneurial learning opportunities. The colleges sit at the heart of their local entrepreneurial ecosystems, breaking down the barriers between business and education by developing innovative partnerships with local employers and community stakeholders, to equip students with the skills, capabilities and confidence to make or a take job.

The Gazelle Colleges Group combines the exceptional experience of entrepreneurs who have succeeded in business with leaders in the further education and wider public sector. They believe that in the current global economic climate it is vital to foster a new generation of social and commercial entrepreneurs; people who can add value to communities, bring innovation to existing businesses and who can create their own employment with confidence and ambition.

Institutions like City College Norwich play an integral role in achieving this goal.

City Colege Norwich has taken a leading role in redeveloping and remodelling its curriculum, providing entrepreneurial opportunities and encouraging students to engage in work based learning projects and activities.

You can find out more about Gazelle Colleges by visiting the website and by following Gazelle on Twitter.