The Sixth Form Centre

We have been teaching A Levels at City College Norwich for many years. In fact, one of our most famous former students is Stephen Fry, said, “It all started here [at City College Norwich]. I will never forget it. I will never cease to be grateful for what it’s done, in such a perfect way. Not a mollycoddling way, not a stern authoritarian way, but a civilised way. We were not treated as children; we were students, not kids. The standard of teaching was astonishingly high. Norwich, the city, and Norfolk, the county, should be immensely proud of this institution. This is a really special place.”

All of this is still true today. The Sixth Form Centre is not like school.

You will be treated as an adult, with respect and responsibility in equal parts.

The teaching is top quality - and Ofsted back that up.

This is a really special place!

Each year, the majority of our second year students progress on to higher education while most others go on to further education or employment.

Key features of the Sixth Form Centre include:

  • A more adult environment than at school
  • Highly qualified specialist A Level teachers
  • Expert personal tutors to guide you through your studies and on to degree level study or the first steps of a career
  • Our own specialist facilities.

The Sixth Form Centre also benefits from all of City College Norwich’s excellent resources and facilities.

You can view our available courses below or you can visit our dedicated website - just click here

AS / A level Courses


Level 3 Diploma in Musical Theatre

This course is designed for students who wish to build upon the three disciplines of acting, singing and dance.

Study mode:

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

This one year course will develop you into a skilled researcher and is excellent preparation for higher education.

Study mode:

Art AS / A Level

This course provides an opportunity to develop your own creative skills as well as giving an insight into the work of other artists.

Study mode:

Biology AS / A Level

Biology is the study of life. On this course you will gain technical skills as well as considering the principles of biological systems.

Study mode:

Business AS / A Level

This subject introduces you to the challenges and issues of starting, running and leading a business.

Study mode:

Chemistry AS / A Level

Are you fascinated by chemical reactions? Do you want to explore the world of atoms and molecules? If so, chemistry is for you.

Study mode:

Drama and Theatre Studies Linear A Level

The course provides knowledge and understanding of the language of drama and theatre as well as developing your performing skills.

Study mode:

English Literature AS / A Level

This course considers literature in the social, literary and historical context in which it was written.

Study mode:

Film Studies A Level (New from 2017)

This course considers the social, historical and artistic context of films as well as providing technical skills in film making.

Study mode:

Further Mathematics AS / A Level

Further Mathematics is a course that broadens and deepens the maths covered in the A Level in Mathematics.

Study mode:

Geography AS / A Level

Geography aims to give you a better understanding of the relationships between people, place and environment.

Study mode:

History AS / A Level

Modern British and European history, including the rise of Fascism and the impact of war on Britain.

Study mode:

Media Studies [A Level]

Through studying the media you will develop your understanding of the media's influential role in today's society.

Study mode:

Physics AS / A Level

This course is a detailed overview of physics, including mechanics and nuclear physics.

Study mode:

Sociology AS / A Level

This course looks at how societies work, considering social groups and organisations and questioning our experiences.

Study mode:

English Language and Literature AS / A Level

This course considers the nature of language and how it has been used by a wide variety of writers and speakers.

Study mode:

Textiles AS and A Level

This subject will help you develop a working knowledge of materials, practices, technology and specialist vocabulary in textiles.

Study mode:

Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Thought

Religious Studies is a rigorous subject that will challenge you both academically and personally.

Study mode:

Psychology AS/ A Level

This course is a detailed overview of psychology, including attachment, psychopathology and research methods.

Mathematics AS / A Level

The Mathematics course includes core (pure) mathematics plus statistics and mechanics.

Study mode:

Photography AS/A2 - Art & Design

Photography is the pre-eminent visual medium of the age, and as part of the course, you will visit galleries and exhibitions

Study mode:

Government and Politics AS/A Level

Politics will teach you about how power operates within the UK, on a global scale and how you can take part in politics

Study mode:

Computer Science AS/A Level

Computer Science gets students using practical programming techniques that have applications in the real world and gives them a good underst

Study mode: