Student absence

Explanations of any absence must be reported using either of the following options:

  • By calling 01603 773311 (then selecting option 2), or
  • Logging on Student Blackboard and completing a Learner Absence Form, or
  • Sending an email to

If you are absent for four weeks without producing a written explanation you will be regarded as having left the course.  If you are on placement, you’ll also need to let the placement staff know that you’ll be absent.

Students Union

Fees & Eligibility Statement

Rules and regulations for students

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Beat Bullying: How to block someone on Facebook or Twitter

All the main social networking sites have a safety centre where you can find out everything you need to know about enjoying that website safely. They also have privacy settings so that you can decide who sees what. Here’s where to find them! Think carefully before using websites that don’t have a safety centre or privacy settings - are they really safe to use?

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This guide will help you understand hacking so you can take steps to avoid it. You may want to pass it on to your friends - the more of us that are aware of how hackers operate, the more we can do to prevent them.

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