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Website accessibility

The City College Norwich website has been designed with accessbility in mind and we have attempted to create a website that is both advanced in the technologies used and also easily accessible. We have followed standard web accessibility guidelines - particularly the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to ensure that this website is as accessible as possible. Features include:

  • Minimal use of tables for layout, instead we have used CSS as much as possible in the design and layout of the site.
  • All images contain an alternative textual rendering except when used explicity for design or graphical purposes only.
  • Much of the site contains additional markup that may help assistive technologies such as screen readers
  • Use of style sheets to separate content from display
  • Appropriate use of HTML tags.
  • Resizable content text.
  • Optional "Page Style" colours

Resizable Text

Text for main content can be resized using the resize buttons in the "Resize Text" block on the top left of every page.

Page Styles

Optional page styles including high contrast (white on black) and basic (black on white) can be chosen on the top right of this page.

Useful Links


Improving the accessibilty of all City College Norwich websites is one of our ongoing priorities, so if you do have any problems or suggestions on how we can improve accessibility then, please let us know.