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When You're Scheduled to Move

Before your email is moved to O365, there are a few things you can do to make your experience as smooth as possible. If you have any questions about any of these steps, or about O365 in general, please contact the Help Desk. If you are still unsure who to contact, please contact Service Desk or call 01603 773030. 

Step 1. Verify your information in iTrent

O365 gets its directory information directly from the TEN Group Active Directory. Take a moment to make sure your name and other information are correctly listed by visiting iTrent HR Employee SelfService via the NES Portal and clicking on the Personal tab. Update any incorrect information. (Please do not change your email address)

Step 2. Save a copy of your email signatures (Optional)

Email signatures will not be moved. You may want to save a copy of your signature prior to your move. See Backup and Restore email signatures or Contact the Help Desk if you would like assistance saving your signatures.

Step 3. Save your customisations (Optional)

We all organize and set up our email inboxes in a variety of ways. Make sure to save any, Category colours and Outlook customisations. None of these will be moved to your new O365 account automatically. If you need help saving any of these items, please contact the Help Desk or See Backup and Restore Outlook Customisations.

Step 4. Make a note of your shared calendars (calendar permissions) and calendar delegations (if you allow someone else to manage your email or calendar)

Delegates will not be moved (Delegates have permission to send and receive email or schedule calendar events on your behalf). If you’re using delegates, create a list of your delegates and their permission levels. You’ll need to add them back to your new O365 account. If you are uncertain whether or not you have delegates, please contact the Help Desk.

Step 5. Review your Deleted Items folder

Your Deleted Items/Trash folder will not be moved to O365. If you want to keep your deleted items or spam email simply move them to another folder.

Important: The Deleted Items folder should not be used for storing emails that you might want to refer to later. Please note that emails placed in the trash in O365 are automatically deleted after 30 days. If you use your Trash as a way to indefinitely store email, this change in behaviour will have a significant impact on you. Use a different folder for your email “cold storage.”

Step 6. Prepare your mobile devices

Make a note of all of your mobile devices configured to check your work email and display your calendar, this includes smartphones and tablets. You'll need to reconfigure all these devices to point to your O365 account after you’ve moved, and having this list of devices will make sure you don’t forget to reconfigure any.

Important: While you have all your mobile devices handy, this would be a good time to set a passcode for them. When you configure a mobile device to check your O365 account, it will require you to set a passcode on the device. If you do this ahead of time you won’t have the additional step later. If you have any questions about mobile devices and O365, please contact the Help Desk.

Step 7. Bookmark O365 resources

Open your preferred browser, and create bookmarks to easily get back to these O365 resources: