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Young Peoples choices at 16

The government has changed the law about when young people can finish their education, this is known as Raising the Participation Age (RPA). From 2013 young people have had to remain in some form of education or training until the end of the academic year in which they turn 17, in 2015 this rises to 18.

When making choices for the next steps your child should consider whether:-

They they like learning in a classroom? If this is there preferred method of learning then AS and A levels are a popular route as also an option to progress to higher education.

They prefer to learn on the job, by applying their learning to real life problems? Apprenticeships offer young people the chance to learn and earn increasing their practical skills and employability.

They learn best through practising new skills? Colleges such as ours offer the opportunity to study a vocational qualification in a work related curriculum area. Examples of vocational courses are; engineering, health and social care, professional cookery, plumbing and performing arts.

For further information about the choices available after Year 11 please see attached leaflets.

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